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The beginning of the magical Christmas time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. The first Christmas Markets are open and the feast of love is approaching. Everyone is looking for contemplation now. But how can love be measure and how does one get closer to the feeling of contemplation in the Christmas rush? By mindfulness. A more attentive social interaction with our fellow people, our friends, the family and the work colleagues. All this brings warmth and love into the hearts of the people. Our mindful dealing with each other and the harmony in our beautiful workplace is the basis for a successful cooperation with our customers. Through the trust that we have in each other and the mutual esteem that we have for ourselves, we can also win the trust of our customers and tailor the event planning with attention to detail. We wish you a stress-free Christmas time full of love and contemplation.


30 Years of Reunification

Berlin is a city where everyone is welcome.  A city of individuality and diversity and independence! But times used to be very different. On the 13th of August 1961 the city was divided into East and West by the Berlin Wall. Families, friends and lovers were separated. Deep scars where left on countless souls. People were deprived of one essential human right-their freedom. Berlin wouldn’t be the same without the alternative Friedrichshain, fancy Charlottenburg and vibrant Mitte districts. The mix of understatement and hyperbole makes Berlin iconic. We from CAMONSITE are celebrating the day where a nation was united again, the 9th of November 1998. Berlin we love you!

Dodo and Taymur

Let us introduce our protégés -After losing their parents and suffering from separation anxiety, they were lucky to encounter the guardian angels of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. The non-profit organization has set itself the task of protecting the last orangutans and their natural habitat. We have the great honor to support them with our sponsorship, which is possible with the help of our Greenpoint program. Our two protégés are on their way to become strong and self-sufficient proud monkeys. We speak in the name of Dodo and Taymur, when saying thank you to our customers for making this sponsorship possible and give huge praise to Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation- keep up the good work!

Art and Event Design

It is time for our annual Winter Vernissage. Our main goal is to showcase how art can elevate the expressiveness of any type of event format. Art acts as an eye catcher. It is a great way to individualize the image of any company. There are no limits to the possibilities of using art as a medium, whether art workshop as a successful teambuilding initiative or a live art experience as a highlight. Art connects and empowers individualities. We are happy to help you with finding the perfect use of this diverse medium. In this sense we wish you a nice autumn. Be inspired by the colours!