We enjoy fantastic experiences and wonderful moments by your side. So we feel an obligation to preserve the beauty of our world to the best of our abilities: everyone can contribute! With activities large and small we motivate ourselves, and are also happy to motivate you to keep doing your bit for our world.

1st Impact Workshop on Sustainability

Corporate responsibility

The working day at our agency is green: we use green energy, recycled paper, an electric car and have lots of little rules for saving resources when using electronic devices and offsetting our carbon footprint. We are proud to be certified as a climate-neutral agency.

certified as climate-neutral agency
Wind power

Greenpoints score every time!

We think the future lies in responsible destination management. To support you, our clients, in your aspiration for environmentally friendly behaviour, we have developed the Greenpoint programme. You collect Greenpoints, which have a financial value, for environmentally and health-conscious actions. At the end of the event we add up all the Greenpoints you have collected and calculate the equivalent monetary amount, which we donate on your behalf from our profit margin to the conservation project Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation BOS.

Greenpoint Logo
Hands trying to grab Greenpoints

Together for conservation!

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation BOS is the world's biggest nature conservation project for primates. BOS is dedicated to protecting the last orang-utans and their habitat in cooperation with the local Indonesian population. It serves as a role model for many other conservation projects. Camonsite wholeheartedly supports the work of BOS and has adopted an orang-utan named Dodo.

Borneo Orangutan Survival