Green Events

Combining events with environmental awareness? We are the right choice for you. Apart from knowing how it’s done, we have the necessary network of contacts at our disposal.

reduce, reuse, recycle

A responsible decision

Green Events are defined by being memorable, inspiring future thinking and only leaving a marginal footprint. With comprehensive and competent consulting we take clients towards this goal.

Set the right priorities


Effectively less

Less is more with Green Events: preserve resources, avoid waste, save energy. Together with our clients, we develop sustainable procedures to minimize CO2 emissions of events.


Promote Climate protection

Entirely eliminating your carbon footprint is a challenge:  Compensate by supporting effective climate protection initiatives. In cooperation with our partner CO2OL we help you achieve this.


Inspire others

Use your Green Event as part of your environmental sustainability strategy. Documentation of procedures and impact will give you the necessary numbers for your sustainability reporting.


Collect Greenpoints!

Apart from consulting you on Green Events, we reward your engagement with our Greenpoint Program. The more environmentally friendly and socially acceptable procedures you decide on, the more Greenpoints you earn. Post event we calculate the Greenpoint sum, deduct it from our Margin and donate it to Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation BOS


Create Green!

What to consider when opting for an environmentally friendly strategy: